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Top Search Tips

1. BE SPECIFIC. Search engines work better when you use multiple keywords that are unlikely to pop up on irrelevant pages. The string armstrong nasa apollo moon landing will target your search far better than any one of those words alone.

2. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Every site has its own syntax. Entering a proper query can mean the difference between finding what you're after and being deluged by irrelevant links.

3. GO BOOLEAN. Some sites will permit to you enter Boolean-logic queries such as "Moe AND (Curly OR Larry) AND NOT Shemp." If you learn the lingo, you'll be able to enter searches with pinpoint precision.

4. GET ADVANCED. Many engines come with an advanced search page offering additional query types and sorting options. These are especially helpful when a simple search bombards you with links.

5. IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED ... Try another search site. Keep several of them bookmarked, and try out new contenders from time to time.

6. SAVE PAGES. Once you find the facts you need, keep track of them. At the very least, bookmark pages; better yet, copy them to your hard disk with SurfSaver,a free utility.

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