liz garone

Who? belongs to Liz Garone.
She is a journalist.
She has been writing professionally since 1990.
Her assignments take her all over the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
She loves to write and tell stories.
Any credentials?
Liz received her B.A. degree from U.C. Davis in American Studies with a minor in English. She received her M.S. degree in Journalism from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. You can check out her résumé for more details.
What if I still want to know more?
Her biography should help. So should this CharityFocus profile of her.
What about writing samples?
She has included many of her articles on the site.
Any breaking news?
Currently, Liz is hard at work on her first novel, writing for The Wall Street Journal's Careers section, and taking care of her two daughters Gabriella Kai and Zoe Pi.
Is Liz available for freelance and contract work?
How can I contact her?
E-mail is easiest.